We, my husband, Julio and I, are SO EXCITED to share our new adventure with you! Our plan with this new blog is do what we love and share it!! We have been designing and creating paper piecings for personal use, selling, and custom orders for some time... over 2 years I think! :) Julio's first piece was a bunny sitting with his arms out and then one standing up. He got more and more creative from there. Although I was always over Julio's shoulder nagging him to do this and that to each design, I got in on the action more recently with a reindeer and a set of snowmen that I made all by myself!! :)

Julio graduated from Utah State University with a bachelors in Graphic Design with the hope to some day work in the animation industry. That hasn't happened yet, but I know that someday that his dreams will come true. First, he has agreed to help fulfill my dreams of doing what I have a passion for... to start a career with scrapbooking. Not many people say they love what they are doing but Julio and I are both so fortunate to be able to!

We sell SVG files for SCAL & MTC owners, WPC files for Pazzles Inspiration owners, & DXF files for the Wishblade/Silhouette owners. PDF files for people that don't own cutting machines, so they can print out a template and assemble that way... easy as pie! And all the files are ready for you to just stick the color you want in and cut (or print)!!

I hope you enjoy our designs and come back often to play and take in all the fun and creativity that hopefully will be going on here!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask .... katiebeescrap@hotmail.com. Thank you for all your support, encouragement and understanding!



Ashley Rv said...

Yay for Kate! Yay for Julio! Im so excited that you guys have gotten this done, it looks great guys! you two are truly a talented couple!

DeeDee said...

Oh Kate!!! This is just a gorgeous store that you and Julio have put together...I wish you AWESOME success in your venture!!! HUGS!!