Information on PDF Files

Tips on how to use PDF files:

IMPORTANT - You HAVE to have the Adobe Reader program to use PDF files. You can download the latest version for free here...

A PDF is a fun and simple way to get those cute paper piecing that people with the machines have. Imagine a stencil that you can use them over and over again as many times as you want but instead of having to draw it all out you just click print!! :)

Opening a PDF that you get with your SVG,WPC, or DXF files: Most paper piecing pattern file that you purchase comes with a FULL PDF version of the same pattern. I don't want you to have to deal with too many PDF files so I have merged them into a packaged PDF bundle. Meaning when you open the PDF, you will see all the different PDF files located on the left hand side of the pages. It is as easy as clicking on each file for it to open. Here is a screen shot of what I mean:

PUTTING THE PAPER PIECING TOGETHER: With a PDF, to make it easier, all of the pieces are separated into different pages in the file so you are able to create the piecing with all the different colors needed. You will have to take the time to change out the color of cardstock in your printer after each print to get all the proper colors you want to complete the paper piecing.

TOOLS: To help cut out the area in the inside of other lines, a Craft Knife works wonderfully and to get those hard to reach or small spaces that scissors can't reach. For circles, like with my snowmen's face, you can use a Crop-a-dile! A Bone Tool is always nice to score lines that need to be folded.

RESIZING YOUR PDF TO BE LARGER: You are welcome to take a printed copy of the design file to your local copy center. They can make it any size you desire.

1. Open the PDF file
2. Click on the print button on the top left side and the print menu will come up.
3. Look half way down the print menu and you will find " Page Scaling" .... click on the drop down arrow and select " Multiple Pages per sheet"
4. This should now give you 2 pages per sheet .... of course it will only print one page as there is only a one page document ... Your image will now be half the size of the original image.
5. If you wish to make the image even smaller ... select the option underneath "Page Scaling" which is " Pages per sheet" ... it will depend which number you select how big your image will be.

Printing just ONE image: You can just have one image print on a page instead of all of the images... follow the instruction below:
1. Open up the PDF file that contains the image.
2. Click on TOOLS
3. Then click on SELECT & ZOOM
4. Then click on SNAPSHOT TOOL (has like a camera next to it)
5. The cursor turns into like a dotted box... draw an imaginary box around the image that you want to print and click on the printer.
**IMPORTANT... the image will print in the middle of the page.

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